Desk Vice: Versatile & Strong by MechEngineerMike 3d model
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Desk Vice: Versatile & Strong  by MechEngineerMike

Desk Vice: Versatile & Strong by MechEngineerMike

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Printed from PLA plastic, the jaws are strong enough to hold your work but soft enough not to mar it. This design uses two stagnated nuts in the sliding jaw to disperse the load and maximize the clamping force. And the best part is that it can be reconfigured in 3 different ways.
*1. Without the table clamping section you can use it for free hand work, such as holding soldering boards.
*2. Clamped to a table. (This allows clearance to slide the 'handle crank' part over the normal handle for maximum grip!)
*3. Bolted to a bench press or mill work surface. (You can install the the 6" bolt in reverse so that the handle end is on the other side.)
*Note: Vice clamp-able area is 3" x 3", it can mount to tables up to 1.8" thick.
Required Vitamins:
Available at any hardware store. (Links provided for your reference.)
*(qty 1) 6" 1/4-20 hex bolt, fully threaded:
*(qty 3) 3" 1/4-20 hex bolt:
*(qty 6) 1/4-20 hex nuts:
*(qty 1) 1/4-20 nylock nut:

Note 2: As you can see, the photos shown don't quite match the files. After I tested the initial prototype I added a couple extra features as shown in the model rendering image.

UPDATE 11-25-16: Check out the Remix by davec1225, an improved clamp face part