DC-17 Handgun (Clone Wars Animated Version) by Jetstorm_3D model
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DC-17 Handgun (Clone Wars Animated Version) by Jetstorm_3D

DC-17 Handgun (Clone Wars Animated Version) by Jetstorm_3D

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07/31/2020 : Part "2+3" added for bigger print volumes
04/02/2018 UPDATE !
Modified : Parts 2 ; 3 ; 4 ; 5 ; 9
=> Better fitting of parts 4 & 5
=> New endstop switch slot, to install it easily (parts 2 & 9 adapted)
The authentic Clone Wars DC-17 blaster pistol animated version !
Accuracy model with all parts and details designed from several references, to comply to the original LucasArts design.
Designed to be printed and assembled easily.
Total dimensions [mm] : 260 x 167 x 52
Maximum cuted part dimension : 200mm
Parts number : 10 (9 different)
Additional parts needed :

Spring Ø4mm (x1)
Ø4 Screw, 8.5 to 12mm long (x1)
Ø4 Nut (x1)

for LED using only :

Ø5mm Blue color LED (x1)

Small electric wires (~30 cm)

75 ohm resistor (x1)

Endstop Switch (x1)

Spring Ø4-8 (x1)

Spring Ø4 (x1)

Please see 11th picture for electrical diagram !

Movie Realistic Version
Movie Realistic Version available !https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4509310
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