Crux3 Naked Gopro Mount shifted backwards by spinorkit 3d model
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Crux3 Naked Gopro Mount shifted backwards by spinorkit

Crux3 Naked Gopro Mount shifted backwards by spinorkit

by Thingiverse
Last crawled date: 1 year, 5 months ago
I took Albert Kim's great design and just shifted the GoPro back and down (a little) to move the C.G. rearwards to help reduce the excess weight on the forward motors, making it a little quieter still.
Also added TPU spacers that go above the carbon fiber frame and below the prop guards to give more clearance to the props. The motors are mounted directly against the carbon fiber frame to ensure they are as parallel as possible to aid stability in hover.
Total weight without gopro or battery: 59 g
I included the quick-and-dirty OpenScad source code in case anyone wants to adjust something.
Crux3 build
This build is not quite in its final state because I had to use longer bolts (with spacers) than ideal and I am waiting for the shorter bolts to arrive.
I saved about 3 grams by trimming the inner 1/4 of the prop guards and gluing the resulting ends together with a little hot melt glue..
I lengthened the R/C antenna using a Frsky antenna and intend to do something similar with the VTX antenna.
So that the extended R/C antenna came out towards the back and to the side I rotated yaw by -90 degrees (in addition to flipping roll by 180 degrees).
This means the motor mapping becomes:
resource MOTOR 1 B10
resource MOTOR 2 B07
resource MOTOR 3 B06
resource MOTOR 4 B08
It also requires reversing all 4 motors in BLHeli configurator.