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Complete Mech Bundle

Complete Mech Bundle

by TurboSquid
Last crawled date: 1 year, 6 months ago
A collection of high quality 3D mech models. These mechs are ready for mobile, VR, and animations. This collection includes the Orange Team mechs: Sledgehammer, Minotaur, Jackrabbit, and Reaver. and the Blue Team mechs: Vanguard, Thunderbolt, Juggernaut, and Tigercat.

All preview images are rendered in Maya using Mental Ray

Verts: 1872
Edges: 3454
Faces: 1702
Tris: 3102
UVs: 3319

Verts: 2660
Edges: 4787
Faces: 2299
Tris: 4206
UVs: 4833        

Verts: 1909
Edges: 3476
Faces: 1743
Tris: 3111
UVs: 3123

Verts: 1595
Edges: 3012
Faces: 1535
Tris: 2751
UVs: 2874

Verts: 1755
Edges: 3248
Faces: 1596
Tris: 2900
UVs: 2955

Verts: 1726
Edges: 3206
Faces: 1589
Tris: 2894
UVs: 2884

Verts: 2656
Edges: 4741
Faces: 2248
Tris: 4420
UVs: 4711

Verts: 1784
Edges: 3206
Faces: 1578
Tris: 2884
UVs: 2768

The 3D files are available in FBX and OBJ
Texture files are in PNG

The models are textured with all materials applied
Included in this collection are Green alternate skins for the Orange Team mechs
There are 132 total texture files 36 for the Blue Team mechs, 48 for the Orange Team mechs, and 48 for the Orange Team alternate textures (Green)
Body texture resolutions are 1024x1024
All other parts texture resolutions are 512x512

Each mech model is available for purchase separately
The Blue Team mechs and Orange Team mechs are available in bundles for purchase separately
The green alternate skins are available for free for all Orange Team mechs
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