Classic Stapler 3d model
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Classic Stapler

Classic Stapler

by TurboSquid
Last crawled date: 2 months ago
Classic stapler for Vray, Mentalray and Scanline, contains render scenes.

The model is build in real world scale.

An exclusive steam-punk edition is available for 3ds max Vray and Mentalray, The Vray edition works with displacement modifiers.

The steampunk mental ray edition requires larger render times

All parts are individually mapped.

texture resolutions:

top-1:                                    4000*4000
Top-2:                                   4000*4000
Mechanism-holder:       4000*4000
Base-01:                         4000*4000
Base-02:                         4000*4000
metalplate:                           4000*4000
mechanism-part-1:       4000*4000
mechanism-part-2:       4000*4000
Mechanism-main-1:       4000*4000
Mechanism-main-2:       4000*4000
spring-wheel:                   4000*4000
Staple:                                    4000*4000
spring:                                   1000*1000
Inside-wheel:                  1000*1000
inside-part:                           1000*1000