Claddagh Ring TwoTone 7US Friendship Ring | 3D model
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Claddagh Ring TwoTone 7US Friendship Ring  | 3D

Claddagh Ring TwoTone 7US Friendship Ring | 3D

by CG Trader
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Happy to present Claddagh Ring TwoTone Unique 7US size design ring 3dmodel, SKU:003 MEANING: The Claddagh ring has centuries of history, but today it symbolizes three things: friendship, loyalty, and love. Perhaps you wear a ring to symbolize the bond of friendship you share with someone. FINGER SIZE : 7 US (on the last picture, you can find INTERNATIONAL FINGER CHART) WEIGHT : 3.6 gr in 14K gold (taken for 7US size ) FILE FORMAT: only STL. Ready for 3d printing 7US Claddagh Ring TwoTone Unique design ring 3dmodel without any supports (because each 3d printer needs special supports for 3dmodel) RING WITH sizes 6-8US there: 6US ring you can fin there: LICENSE: Private Use Only ,Non Commercial(do not resell files) . NOTE: Do not under any circumstances share these files for free or commercially! jewelry claddagh ring claddagh wedding band friendship ring gold ring hand ring heart ring cad printable wax loyalty ring crown ring jewish ring ireland ring usa canada europe united states 7us ring rings jewelry rings