City courthouse - BUH 3d model
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City courthouse - BUH

City courthouse - BUH

by 3dExport
Last crawled date: 2 years ago
The city court building in Bucharest, Romania was used as a reference. The archive includes textures, LODs of the building and models of letters and numbers, with which you can type your own name for the building. There are two types of this building in the archive with suffixes _EU and _ROMANIA. In the first one, "City court" is written on the building and two EU flags hang on the facade, and in the second one - the original name "Tribunalul Bucuresti" and one flag of Romania and one flag of the European Union. The image of the flags is on the atlas "CCB_BUH_atlas_1" and you can easily change them with an image editing program. Information about LODs: LOD0 - 29552/31297 tris - 4 texture sets - 5 materials LOD1 - 18166/18472 tris - 4 texture sets - 5 materials LOD2 - 9710/9851 tris - 4 texture sets - 5 materials LOD3 - 4940 tris - 3 texture sets - 4 materials + vertex paint LOD4 - 479 tris - vertex paint Thank you for your attention, all the best to you!