Chinese DF-15B Missile 3d model
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Chinese DF-15B Missile

Chinese DF-15B Missile

by TurboSquid
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High resolution.
Detailed 3D model of Chinese DF-15B Missile.
Modeled in 3ds Max 2012.
Final images rendered V-Ray.


The DF-15 uses a solid fuel, single-stage rocket. It is vertically launched from an eight-wheeled transporter erector launcher (TEL). The missile's trajectory is guided using small thrusters and an inertial guidance system on the warhead. The warhead is only a tenth of the size of the missile body. After the body and warhead separate, the body trails behind to camouflage the warhead. The terminal velocity of the missile is over Mach 6.[4] It can deliver a 500750 kg (1,1001,650 lb) payload up to 600 kilometres (370 mi), with accuracy of 300 m circular error probability

The DF-15A is a variant that employs control fins at the rear of the missile and on the reentry vehicle, GPS updates, and terminal radar guidance. Its payload is believed to be 600 kg (1,300 lb) with a range of 900 km (560 mi) and improved accuracy of 3045 m CEP. The DF-15B is a further upgraded variant with similar features, as well as an active radar seeker and laser rangefinder. It is capable of ranges between 50800 km (31497 mi) with greater accuracy of 510 m CEP