Cherry Key Cap by palatis 3d model
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Cherry Key Cap by palatis

Cherry Key Cap by palatis

by Thingiverse
Last crawled date: 2 years, 11 months ago
Key caps for cherry keyboard.
If it didn't fit yours, you can specifiy your key dimension in comment and I might make it for you, or you can just use the provided FCStd file and modify for yourself.
use these height for each row:
11mm for the upper 2 rows (ESC, Fn keys, and numbers)
9.5mm for the 3rd row (qwerty row)
8.5mm for the bottom 3 rows (asdf, zxcv rows, ctrl/alt/space rows)
I made some labeled keys such as menu/windows/vol+/vol-/mute/lock, because they're either not always at same location or not standard keys (like volume keys and the unknown-function lock key).
if you want some other labeled key, DON'T ASK ME TO MAKE THEM BECAUSE I'LL JUST IGNORE YOU.