Bucky Ball 3d model
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Bucky Ball

Bucky Ball

by 3DWarehouse
Last crawled date: 5 months ago
Bucky Ball model, separate layer between carbon atoms and bounds. I just found it already made Bucky ball shape by Google after I finished the main structure, funny! I think this mulecule form is beautiful. Buckminsterfullerene (C60) is a spherical molecule with the formula C60. It was first prepared in 1985 by Harold Kroto, James Heath, Sean O'Brien, Robert Curl and Richard Smalley at Rice University.1] Kroto, Curl, and Smalley were awarded the 1996 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for their roles in the discovery of buckminsterfullerene and the related class of molecules, the fullerenes. The name was an homage to Richard Buckminster Fuller, whose geodesic domes it resembles. Buckminsterfullerene was the first fullerene molecule discovered and it is also the most common in terms of natural occurrence, as it can be found in small quantities in soot. #bucky_ball #carbon #chemical #chemistry #molecule #science