BIN---Wastepaper basket with iron mesh 3d model
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BIN---Wastepaper basket with iron mesh

BIN---Wastepaper basket with iron mesh

by TurboSquid
Last crawled date: 2 months ago
This product is for Architectural 3D rendering.

There is three differentes files for the same object in differents levels of detail and number of polygons :

    LD (Low-Detail for Low-Poly) : 252 polys.
    HD : 524 polys.
    FD (Full-Detail) : 308 412 polys !

All three can be easily modify. There is one shader per object. A VrayColor for the diffuse if you want to change the color in few clicks. There is a Shell Material for the LD & HD trash can and only textures for them in Opacity (8192x8192) which also serves as Bump and a Normal Map (4096x4096).

Made in its real side, metric in centimenters.
Software : 3Dsmax 2017.
Renderer : VRay.
/!\ The scene contains only the object I sell here. Not the studio with vray light, environement and camera.