Barrel Barricade 1 3d model
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Barrel Barricade 1

Barrel Barricade 1

by CG Trader
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This is a model of a Barrel Barricade.
Originally created with Blender 2.79. || USAGE || This model is suitable for use in broadcast, advertising, design visualization, real-time, video game etc. || SPECS || This model contains 6 separate objects.
This model contains 2594 polygons.
This model contains Blender Cycles materials. || PRESENTATION IMAGES || All preview images are rendered with Blender Cycles Renderer.
Product is ready to render.
Render setup is included as a separate Blender file, which is needed to produce images that match the thumbnails. || TEXTURES || Textures have 8 bits per channel. Barrel Barricade_1_BaseColor.png 2048x2048 contains transparency map.
Barrel Barricade_1_Metallic.png 2048x2048.
Barrel Barricade_1_Normal.png 2048x2048 X+Y-Z+.
Barrel Barricade_1_Roughness.png 2048x2048. || GENERAL || Model is built to real-world scale(the unit system is metric).
No third-party renderer or plug-ins needed. || ADDITIONAL NOTES || Other file formats. May be needed to reassign textures and will not render like the preview images.
-OBJ barrel barricade traffic barrier industrial urban road block street pbr part industrial part road barrier