automatic gluing machine 3d model
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automatic gluing machine

automatic gluing machine

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automatic gluing machine
t iron coating equipment design, solidworks 2014 design, including detailed 3d model and keyshot rendering file, including features, can be edited and modified, complex mechanism, after decompression, the size is close to 173 mb, a total of more than 275 parts. automatic gluing machine is a typical mechatronics system. the so-called mechatronics system refers to the system that introduces electronic technology in the main function, information processing function and control function of the system, and organically combines mechanical device, executive parts, computer and other electronic equipment and software. automatic gluing machine system is a new type of mechanical system, which is composed of mechanical, executive, information processing, interface and software, etc. the automatic gluing machine is composed of five subsystems: mechanical system (mechanism), electronic information processing system (computer), power system (power source), sensor detection system (sensor), and actuator system (such as motor).