Zirconium 92 Option 4 3d model
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Zirconium 92 Option 4

Zirconium 92 Option 4

by 3DWarehouse
Last crawled date: 7 months, 2 weeks ago
Octahedral model of the nucleus of Zirconium 92 as a body centered cubic structure of red monoquarks and blue-green diquarks. 8 of the surface monoquarks and all 44 interior monoquarks are downs, the other 40 surface monoquarks are downs. This is an extension to solution S000L4 with a trio of spheres added to all 8 faces. While prettier than some of the other solutions, it has much more surface, so is inferior. This is also known as solution E+0+0QxL3 (even symmetric with a 4x4x4 core, layer 3, extended by a 2x2 on each of the 6 vertices). #post_modern_physics #diquark #extended #monoquark #nucleus #octahedra #quark #spherical #symmetric