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Ye Olde Worlde Café, Bosherston, Cottage

Ye Olde Worlde Café, Bosherston, Cottage

by 3DWarehouse
Last crawled date: 2 years, 7 months ago
Part of the ‘Ye Olde Worlde’ collection. This is the main cottage at the famous Ye Olde Worlde Café at Bosherston, Pembrokeshire, South Wales. Unchanged since 1930’s this is a classic example of the Great British Café and Tea garden. An interesting example of how a group of buildings and some outdoor objects can create a scene full of character. I produced this model to demonstrate how businesses such as cafés and restaurants that are spread over several buildings at the same geographic location can be built by earthHD as a collection. You can also see with the full group that simple signs and objects such as lamps, signs and bins that appear on-site add to the feeling of perspective even though they are not attached to buildings. There are other more hidden details such as a simple internal 180 degree room panorama inside the small green cabin This gives a simple feel for the interior of the building without incurring a large polygon count. Other techniques have been used to create the sense of organic-mass on the face of the main building where in reality thick ivy covers the walls. Our organic-mass technique uses simple collections of a single component, cloned, resized, distorted in scale and textured using alpha-transparent foliage. This technique can be refined to simulate many types of shrub. Table and chairs will arrive shortly.