Yamaha PES-1

by 3DWarehouse
Yamaha are at theMotor Show in the Tokyo Motor unveiled the latest PES1 concept. This is one of the few electric motorcycles Yamaha, because Yamaha mostly avoids the production of the electrically operated, but this is still one of the exceptions to these companies. The model is completely new and the first time the market will occur during 2016 years. New PES1 model is a small sport bike to electric drive. The model has a beautiful futuristic design with a lot of new details and decorations. The most visible is closelydouble seat, raised in relation to the central part of the motorcycle. Korman is a small and simple, commands are lowered obliquely downward. Below is a small triangular reflector, made up of two light head. The mudguard is lowered enough, little is at the center of Aosta. Wheels are made in a futuristic design, consist of several different forms of closed lanes. The model has the most advanced lithium-ion batteries that develop around 7 horse power, which is about 5 kV. The model will during 2015 and 2016 years to get several packages related to the engine, and one of them will have the Yamaha Smart Power Module that provides more power and greater autonomy engine. The engine can be strengthened optional battery which will be available in mid-2015 years. The model is the Tokyo Motor vehicles introduced in the concept version with PID1 model who is also a concept. It is not known when it will be presented the final version and when it will be found in the market. Price model has not yet been determined, will be known after present final version.