XYZprinting Da Vinci 1.0 upgraded Fan Shroud & Mount allowing PLA prints

by Thingiverse
This replacement fan shroud along with several other mods allow me to print using PLA in my Da Vinci. A stock Da Vinci will not print PLA due to excessive heat issues in the extruder filament barrel. The heat causes PLA to swell, clogs up the barrel, the extruder starts clicking, and prints fail. This shroud forces more air around the barrel to help with cooling. I also added additional heat sinks to my extruder and can now print using PLA without any issues. The last picture is an example of how I insulated my nozzle to prevent it from being over cooled by an extra "PLA" fan and this mod.

Updated with an alternative clip design that is less likely to break during frequent installation and removal.