Wrecking Wrenascence

by GrabCAD
Ok this is what it looks like, a childs game, as the challenge said be creative and innovative i just felt that by doing only a representation in CAD for 3d print wasnt that fullfilling. So.. i gave it a spin, i have a lot of little cousins that would love something like this, i transformed da vincis catapult found here: )

To a little boardgame that i called "Wrecking Wrenascence" as in those "DIY" style, you print as many blocks as you like and build a small stronghold, the other player should try to take down as much as he/she can to earn points :D

In the process, for i have never worked with 3d printing before, i armed myself with knowledge from a friend who owns a printer, he told me about the FDM method as it builds itself in layers from bottom to top, pretty much different from the method used long ago by Mr. Da Vinci which involved the use of wood, steel and well capable manufacture.. aw and adding hammers, pulleys and heavy stuff...thus some sweaty hairy big guys to move things around. My friend also gave me a couple of tips in building in 3d.

The hardware worked with ABS plastic, the minimun layer as much as it was thin as hell he told me not to go smaller than 0.4mm, not to build circular faces transversally and avoid angles over 45 degrees. Did all that.

Then i read in the info given in the challenge about the shrinking, fillets and those tips needed to make all parts to fit each other.

With the info i got, all holes that had any spinning elements went from H8/e8 to H8/d9, and those parts that fit with a little bit of pressure went from H7/k6 to H7/j6 to counter a bit the shrink effect. My friend said that some printers do it, but i did it anyways :D

The catapult itself separates a bit from the original model, it has instead of one, two arms that swing the load around, i tought that only one arm would make the thing too fiddle in case that u wanted to shoot steel bearings to your little brother instead of "the Rock". Another thing that i added to the model was the use of Rubber bands to give the catapult a much smoother violence making process.

Now, i hope everybody enjoys it as much as i enjoyed doing this, i may also be breaking some of the challenge rules by making this, sorry if thats the scenario, its my first entry to a challenge :D

Have a nice day, ill try to answer whatever questions you may have :D