Warehouse Collection 12 Industrial

by TurboSquid
======================================================================================                                  --- CHECK MATE PRO CERTIFICATED ---Each of these models published separately have CheckMate Pro certificate - check rest products of 3D_Multimedia.======================================================================================WAREHOUSES BUILDINGS COLLECTION - 12 modelsThis is collection of 12 high quality models of industrial buildings. Very good for animation of big cityscape because of low polycount. Looks also good in close shots. Modeled in proper scale, no ngons, no overlapping faces or verts. Mostly quads (92-99%)Each model is placed in complete scene with light and skydome. Two versions included:- max - standard version with standard materials, no light,- max – V-Ray version with V-Ray materials, light and render setups (ready to render like images above),Exported formats has no bugs, Uv works correctly. Obviously there is no light in exported formats.======================================================================================WELL ARRANGEDLike all our scenes this collection is handy to use and easy to modify.In this product there is no problem with multiplied materials and textures.Each object has assigned only one material so there is no annoying Multi/Sub-Object materials!Materials, textures, object are clearly named in English. Models separated on layers, very easy to work with.======================================================================================POLYCOUNTWarehouses:- building 01 - 8961 polygons,- building 02 - 5578 polygons,- building 03 - 2993 polygons,- building 04 - 5494 polygons,- building 05 - 1482 polygons,- building 06 - 776 polygons,- building 07 - 280 polygons,- building 08 - 398 polygons,- building 09 - 11355 polygons,- building 10 - 928 polygons,- building 11 - 537 polygons,- building 12 - 3590 polygons,----------------There are 32 textures, resolutions - 5500x3666, 3200x3200, 2200x2200, 1400x736, 1024x638, 800x678, 800x822, 800x800, etc.--MORE COMPLETE SCENES of industrial plants, warehouses and cityscapes. Complete scenes, models, collections.Check rest products of 3D_Multimedia.--