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Walter Taylor Bridge

Walter Taylor Bridge

by 3DWarehouse
The Walter Taylor Bridge is a vehicular suspension bridge crossing the Brisbane River. It crosses between Indooroopilly and Chelmer and is shared by motor traffic and pedestrians. The bridge is unique among Brisbane bridges in that the two towers of the bridge house residential accommodation, which are still occupied. The Chelmer side of the bridge is bounded by a council park, including a pontoon. The Walter Taylor Bridge is one of four bridges in proximity to each other. The others are the Albert Bridge, Indooroopilly Railway Bridge , and the Jack Pesch Bridge. The bridge was opened on 14 February 1936 by the Governor of Queensland, Sir Leslie Wilson, and named after the local contractor who built it. The bridge was operated as a toll bridge until the 1960s, with a toll collection booth located at the Northern (Indooroopilly) end. During that time, the bridge was more popularly known as the "Indooroopilly Toll Bridge". The bridge is a suspension bridge and the support cables were actually surplus support cables used to hold up the incomplete halves of the Sydney Harbour Bridge during its construction. When the bridge opened it had the longest span of any suspension bridge in Australia.Translate Show original