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WJDAE - TPDC2 Throttle Pedal 2

WJDAE - TPDC2 Throttle Pedal 2

by GrabCAD
This is my 2nd version of the throttle pedal.

This pedal assembly is comprised of sheet metal, extruded metal wireframe and injection mounted parts.

The sensor housing consists of a 40 degree limit stop as well as a tensioning spring to maintain accuracy of the sensor. This design is within the traditional method of a throttle pedal assembly.

This assembly can be easily customized with different pedals, spring stiffness and travel to suit each vehicle type or customer. It is very accessible and is easy to mount and unmount to the vehicle's floor.

Check out my 1st version, WJDAE - TPDC1 Throttle Pedal 1

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