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Venera-13 / Venera-14 space probe

Venera-13 / Venera-14 space probe

by TurboSquid
Last crawled date: 8 months, 1 week ago
Venera 13 was a Soviet space probe which on 1st March 1982 successfully landed on the surface of Venus following previous missions of Venera 9 to 12 probes. It was conduncting new experiments and obtaining more scientific data of the planet Venus.

Venera 14 was a probe of the same construction landing on Venus a few days later.

- All parts are logically named
- Model is placed in the origin
- Model is in real world size

With model there are provided diffuse, displacement, normal and specular maps. Diffuse map is in resolution 8192x8192px. All other maps are in 4096x4096px.

UV coords map is also included.

Model was made in program CaZaBa 1.11 (native format *.CZB)

File formats provided:
- .CZB
- .DAE
- .FBX 2015.1 (both ascii and binary)
- .OBJ with .MTL
- .STL (both ascii and binary)