V-8 compact block

by GrabCAD
This is an automotive application for truck and passenger use. It has pushrods. The heads and other items are not included. Decisions on what is forward of the front main and rear of the rear main bearing are still pending. It has microbabbitt two layer plain bearings. The camshaft bearings are stepped in OD and constant in ID to facilitate installation with a slide hammer tool. The top end is 4.41In per bay and the bottom is 4.65 avg. The cylinder banks are .5 offset from each other. The left bank is forward so that #2 cylinder is on the front of the front journal. The 2nd journal of the crank is 90 degrees to the right of the first. With the third journal to the left 180 opposed to it and the 4th journal 180 opposed to the 1st. It is intended to rotate counter clockwise (CCW) as seen from the front. It has roller hydraulic lifters and a incomplete oiling system. No camshaft is yet in the short block assembly as presented here. With a 4.25" bore and 4" stroke it would have 453.96 cubic inches. The crankshaft is moved down .98in from earlier work to allow the crank pins with the somewhat wide big ends to clear the camshaft section of the cylinder and case assembly.