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USS Olympia NX-4000 (JJ-verse, movie-era variant of the Excelsior)

USS Olympia NX-4000 (JJ-verse, movie-era variant of the Excelsior)

by 3DWarehouse
The USS Olympia NX-4000 is a prototype starfleet vessel equipped with an experimental Interspatial Warp Drive. She is awaiting her trial runs...

NOTES: I've been doing a lot of USS Excelsior variants recently. This version, the USS Olympia, is based in the same alternate universe as the latest movie directed by JJ Abrahams but set a little later in what would be the classic movie era.I doodled this one for a few days and researched a bit. I liked John Eaves' blogsite where he mentioned taking inspiration from military aircraft. For the NX-class shuttlecraft, he took inspiration from a Nasa experimental vehicle called the X-38 and it is this craft that I have used as the basis for this model.

****If you wish to use this model or any parts of it in your own project, be it 3D modelling, artwork of any kind, 3D printing, or any form of recreation of the model, please contact me to ask for permission at sgmarino1980@googlemail.com and give credit to 'calamity_si' when posting the finished product. Thank you****