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Tugu Kujang

Tugu Kujang

by 3DWarehouse
Tugu Kujang (: Kujang Monument) is a landmark or icon of Bogor city, West Java, Indonesia. Kujang monument was established on May 4, 1982 to honor the inauguration of the Kingdom Pajajaran Pakuan capital at that time led by King Siliwangi, it can be seen from the use of symbols Kujang (Cleaver) weapon. Kujang weapon is a weapon of ethnic Sundanese traditional heritage that is believed to have supernatural powers. In the past, Cleaver can not be separated from public life Sundanese because of its function as one of the farm equipment. In addition it is also used as a weapon. Any form of Kujang is notched 7 with 3 holes in the sides near the curve and one hole in the center. Kujang Monument location on Road junction Pajajaran, Otista, and Baranangsiang. Kujang Monument land area is 26 x 23 meters and has a height of 17 meters plus the Kujangnya height reached 6 meters (made ​​of stainless steel and bronze plated brass). In each of the three-dimensional concrete, mounted shield emblem teridir Bogor Municipality of Eagle, the Presidential Palace, Mount Salak, and weapons Kujang. Under the monument there is a plaza Kujang measuring 48 x 19 centimeters containing the writings of the inscription Linga and Batutulis Pajajaran Kingdom led by Baduga Maharaja Sri Ratu Adil. content Plaza is "Dinu kiwari ngancik nu Bihari seuja ayeuna sampeureun also" which means "What is done today and tomorrow must be better than previous days'