Tree generator (POV-Ray)

by Oyonale
The MakeTree macro creates "realistic" trees through a recursive algorithm. The tree structure is defined by parameters passed to the macro. Many tree and bush shapes are possible (with some exceptions, like cone-shaped trees or palm-trees).The trees can have leaves or be leafless (MakeLeaf, a leaf generating macro, is bundled with MakeTree), they can have roots or be rootless, they can be more or less gnarled, and their shape can be modified by the application of a force, such as wind or gravity. A random seed enables the generation of an infinite number of trees based on the same set of shape parameters.Examples of trees and leaves are given.The tree, leaf and foliage objects can be saved as include files for later use.Note that MakeTree is outdated by modern standards: much better and realistic trees can be obtained withPOV-Tree, a Java application by Gena Obukhov et Tom Aust.