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Tour Chair by Rui Alves

Tour Chair by Rui Alves

by 3ddd
Last crawled date: 2 years, 11 months ago
Tour Chair by Rui Alves

Author: lostinsight3D
Classification type: Chair
What's inside: Real world size (60cm-width X 61cm-length X 66-height), very good design and shape and a realistic vray materials for Wood surface.
This models are ready to be imported into your scene.
Note: Book are not included.
Textures: YES
Date created: January 24, 2013
Size: 4.3 mb
polys: 24, 074 K
verts: 26, 096 K
Modeling type: polygonal/sub'Ds
3D software use: 3D StudioMax-2010.

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