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Tony Stark End Live

Tony Stark End Live

by TurboSquid
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When it comes to sheer power, the Iron Man comics have always had a leg up on the movies. To be fair, the Marvel Cinematic Universe tries to keep things as grounded as possible - while that may make the comics a bit more unbelievable, it does open up quite a few opportunities for some amazingly ridiculous technology.

Tony Stark may have kicked off the first Avengers film with the Mark VI suit, but as it turns out, flying directly into a giant turbine while trying to stop a massive helicarrier from crashing has adverse effects on technology - even when its something as resilient as Iron Mans armor.

The Mark LI armor may not be wired directly to Tony Starks physiology, but it still boasts some amazing abilities: all of the standard Iron Man weapons are present, a new on-board cloaking system was installed and the suit can work autonomously if the pilot is injured. Most impressively, the suit can change shape at a moments notice - theres hardly a need for a dedicated Hulkbuster suit when the Model-Prime armor can simply bulk up on command.