Tiny Flex Extruder for E3D V6

by Thingiverse
Updated 11/15/15 - no need for a teflon tube inside the extruder
Based off of the original Tiny Flex Direct-Drive extruder, this one is made to fit the E3D V6 hotend. I have been using the bowden version of this extruder, and it was excellent at printing flexible materials, but wanted to move back to direct-drive for easier filament changes and less oozing, so I remixed this. Two STL's are provided, one has a holder for a 12mm inductive/capactive sensor, and one is bare. Also included are the SketchUp files, so remix away.
Required parts:
Drive Gear 8mm OD 13mm length
Nema 17 Motor
624 Bearing
4x M3x12
1x M3x25
1x M4x10
1x Spring 7mm OD 20mm length (another change from the original source, this spring is much easier to find)
2x M3 nuts
Cut the teflon tube flush with the opening of the hotend for a tight fit.