Tie Bomber for Casual X-Wing Gaming

by Thingiverse
This is a Tie bomber model scaled for casual use in the X-Wing miniatures game. Given the new munitions options, it seemed timely!
The model is a derivative of NenZilla's model, which in turn is remixed from ProCoPrint3D's unprintable model. I rescaled to X-Wing miniatures gaming size, bolstered the connection between the body and the fins, and added the connector to the bottom to accept a standard X-Wing peg. The connector actually fits around the peg stem to help keep the model on the base.
The raft is just a little 0.3mm bit that fits nicely underneath to provide a base for supports.
Note: The "angled" version of the model is simply to create a better Thingiverse image: you don't really need it.