Thin Film

by HotPies
ThinFilm Texmap plugin for 3ds Max.Product DescriptionThis Texmap plugin reproduces the effect of thin film interference on a surface.The Texmap plugin can be used as a reflection color map in a material with the Fresnel option of the material turned off (this plugin does its own Fresnel calculations).PARAMETERSFilm ThicknessMin– the minimum thickness of the thin film, in nanometers.Max– the maximum thickness of the thin film, in nanometers.Map– a texture map that specifies the actual thickness of the film between the specified Min and Max thickness values. Normally this would be something like a Noise map to give some variation to the interference effect. If this is left blank, the Min parameter specifies the film thickness.IORExternal– refractive index of the medium surrounding the material. Normally this is set to 1.0 for air.Film– refractive index of the medium that the thin film is made of.Internal– refractive index of the medium below the thin film.Color AdjustmentGamma– specifies the gamma correction value.Hue Shift– lets you change colors using a standard Hue spectrum. Range = -180…180.Saturation– the intensity or purity of the colors. Lowering the Saturation value removes color, causing the color to tend toward grayscale, while raising it intensifies the color.Range = -100…100.