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The Studio-Line Dynamic NX-01 Synthesizeer

The Studio-Line Dynamic NX-01 Synthesizeer

by 3DWarehouse
A revolutionary design concept in synthesizers, the Studio-Line Dynamic NX-01 Features an inbuilt touch screen for accessing the menu and a 100 song bank with music sheets for each song and an internal hard drive to contain more via a USB Flash Drive into its USB Port. The screen has a split screen function so that the sheet music and menu display can both be displayed at once, with the music sheet set either left or right of the screen and the menu display on the other side. Also there is a keyboard display of the synthesizer keys that light up to show which keys are being played to help complete beginners to learn how to play keyboards.

It also features Master Volume Control in the form of a slider function, a 6 band manual graphic equalizer to control better the sound quality of each voice all in perfect alignment. A Pro-Active Super High Quality Dolby Noise Reduction System with display. A Tempo Control Dial. A 200 Voice Bank with A&B sides. A 200 Rhythm Bank with A&B sides combining a total of 400 voices and Rhythms of each bank.

A Built In 16 Multi Track Recording System with direct copying function to a CD RW Disc. A CD RW Drive.
8 Assignable Control Nobs: Attack, Decay, Resonance, Delay, Square Wave, Saw Wave & Triangle. A 32 Step Arpeggiator Buttons with A&B sides combining a total of 64 Arpeggiator Steps allowing for all or less Arpeggios to be selected at any one time. 16 Assignable Voices that can all be played together all at once or less for individual use and tastes. An Arpeggiator Tempo Control Dial, for controlling the speed of the Arpeggiator. A Reverb Dial. A Pitch Bend Wheel. A Modulation Wheel. 8 Vector Control Pads/X Gator. & 2 Retro Style Dynamic High Quality Stereo Speakers.

BACK PORT: Midi In/Out & Thru. Host Port & Control Switch, Input, Line In & Out Headphones, Assignable Foot Switch Ports. Power Button On/Off and DC In.