The Scale of Inequality

by GrabCAD
Instructor: Corey Takara and Caitlin Miller
Material: I envisioned my print to be printed in white with SLS

The purpose of The Scale of Inequality is to reflect the wealth disparities in the United States. I think the disproportional relationship of the wealthy to the poor is a big issue. To help communicate this I tried to help visualize the inequalities by showing how one rich person is heavier than many other people, representing how the wealthiest people own much more than many of the poorest people combined. To create The Scale of Inequality, I used computer-aided design programs and a 3D printer to create this piece. It took me several weeks to come up with the idea of making an actual scale, I was inspired by an editorial cartoon depicting a scale with a wealthy person on one end and many poor people on the other. I thought this was a clever way to express the issue and that it would be an interesting challenge to reinterpret it as a sculptural form. The base and arms were inspired by images of vintage weighing scales. I also incorporated elements such as laundry lines, lamp posts, and satellite dishes to bring to mind an image of a not particularly affluent area of a city. These elements hold up the baskets of the poverty side, while on the wealthy half of the scale, Greek pillars hold up the basket, alluding to a manor or a fancy building. The Scale of Inequality aims to help the viewer visualize the pressing issue of the unbalanced distribution of wealth among the American people.