The Girl.rar 3d model
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The Girl.rar

The Girl.rar

by TurboSquid
Last crawled date: 1 year, 2 months ago
character is a low poly female, great for realtime animation. or simply apply the turbo smooth modifier for great renders like those seen above.
I have included a sample .bip to showcase her sexy moves.
Use the layer manager to hide / unhide her shoes, hair, and a few other things.
Character rigged inside character studio with excellent deformation. check out the screengrabs

hidden in the layer manager is a morph base file. I have made a few morphs but feel free to unhide the morph base, copy it and make your own custom morphs.

MADE IN 3ds MAX 7.1 and character studio 4. other mesh formats available upon request (.3ds,.obj,etc, etc)

Hair was made with 3ds max hair and fur plugin. NOTE without the plugin, the hair is not renderable.

Cloth outfit was animated with the clothfx plugin, without clothfx, you will have to set up cloth on your own.

Hey, i can't do everything for such a cheap price..... :)

ohh and be sure to check out my full model line up on turbo squid, i have about 9 models for sale. all are great quality and priced really well.