Tatra T3 Tram

by TurboSquid
Accurate model of popular european streetcar Tatra T3, which was produced from 1960 till 1997 and is being widely used even nowadays.Highly detailed exterior, detailed interior and driver's cabin. All tram details are modeled using blueprints, photos and real trams.Model has a real-world scale, placed near (0,0,0) origin.Centimeter units are used.All objects at 100% scale. 14 m length, 2.5 m width.No Ngons, no isolated/coincident verticles.All objects are binded to tram Body object for easy positioning.All objects are in `Tatra T3` layer. No cleaning up necessary. Simply add model to scene and start renderingAll body colors can be easily changed in materials.Interior lamps can be turned off by changing 'Lamp Light' materialAll doors are opened/closed by moving one 'Door Dummy' object.Pantograph can be lifted up/down by moving Pantograph Upper object. Pantograph springs are stretching accordingly.This moves can be easily animated.Wheels and bogies have correct pivots and are ready for animation.Model is ready to render with V-Ray renderer. No other plugins needed.Used textures:body_mask.png 1024x512decal_mask.png 1408x812gauges.jpg            273x241painted bump.jpg 1420x1420window opacity side.jpg 512x512window opacity.jpg   3500x2333