TF-X1 Ascender by Tommy 3d model
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TF-X1 Ascender by Tommy

TF-X1 Ascender by Tommy

by GrabCAD
Last crawled date: 7 months, 4 weeks ago
This is my first entry for the GrabCAD challenge here: My design inherits many of the same features found in the current TF-X design but with several modifications; it also boasts a smaller form factor and an articulated flying configuration.

I'm working on sketches for another concept which will have a more slipstream exterior but the same functionality necessary for the TF-X to succeed. These renderings here are in 4K definition; download & view for the best representation. RAW 3D files used to create this design is available upon request.

I'm a visionary, and I imagine a future where flying cars ARE a reality. My analogous thinking supporting the fact can be reference by the comparison of 2D to 3D:

...the roads we travel on today are all built in a 2D plane, living roughly on a 2 axis plane of existence. Taking it to the skies will add another dimension to our society, our economy, and the future of the human race; traveling in 3D.

Believe in flight!!!