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##_The Teleavia Matrix is a full-color, 512 LED, NeoPixel matrix video monitor run by [Processing]( and driven by [FadeCandy](

The Teleavia Matrix's name and design are a tribute to the Art Deco, [Teleavia Panoramic 111](, a beautiful French television set released in 1957. The Panoramic 111 was a High Definition television capable of 819 lines, [which is considered HD even today](

- This is a work in progress. Please view the Instructions notes before downloading and printing.

- I've always wanted to create an infinity mirror, so I decided to take it a step further by making one that plays video on a "floating" LED matrix while looking good too.

- The monitor encloses a custom cut mirror and two-way glass to produce the "infinity mirror" effect around the matrix resulting in a screen that appears to float in space.

- Use it to display photos, video, or run your own Processing sketches.

- I modeled this design to enclose a 32x16 NeoPixel LED Matrix and a NeoPixel LED strip.

- The 32x16, 512 LED NeoPixel Matrix is driven by a single FadeCandy board. The NeoPixel strip is driven by an Arduino UNO.

- The cabinet contains countersunk mounting holes for an Arduino UNO and Raspberry Pi Model B (Model B 2).

- The monitor can be entirely driven by a Raspberry Pi and FadeCandy.

- The design incorporates printable snap pegs for assembly.

- The monitor can rotate a total of 120 degrees to accommodate your seating position.

- Just to be clear, the "monitor" currently shown in the photos was made of cardboard and hot glue. Your printed monitor will provide the necessary fitments and alignments for the glass panels, matrix, and NeoPixel strip resulting in a much cleaner look with straight LED's about the edges.

[Click here for video demonstration](, which shows a mock-up monitor made out of cardboard. I'm still working on printing the monitor pieces and will upload pictures when it's done printing! Check back soon!

_Designed by David Choi_