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Sumner Class Destroyer DD-705 USS Compton

Sumner Class Destroyer DD-705 USS Compton

by TurboSquid
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The Allen M. Sumner class was a group of 58 destroyers built by the United States during World War II. Often referred to as simply the Sumner class, this class was characterized by their twin 5'/38cal-gun mounts, dual rudders, additional anti-aircraft weapons, and many other advancements over the previous Fletcher class.

The Sumner design was later extended 14 feet amidships to become the Gearing class, which was produced in larger numbers.
Sumner class destroyers had fire control system that provided effective long-range anti-aircraft (AA) or anti-surface fire.
Completed in 1943–45, four were lost in the war and one was damaged so badly it was scrapped, but the surviving ships served in the US Navy into the 1970s. After being retired from the US fleet, 29 of them were sold to other navies, where they served many more years. Two still exist as museum ships, one in South Carolina, and one in Taiwan.

This model is built near to scale. General dimensions are within 1 -5%. Some variation of equipment locations on specific vessels may occur because each ship is built individually and slight variations do occur. Model is fully textured and includes all textures and materials shown here. Each model has many animateable features including the 5”gun, all missile hatches, all radar antenna, propellers and rudders. After Flight deck nets may be lowered for flight operations. A lot of detail went into these models. They are available in 10 formats for your immediate download and use.