Street Dance Studio

by GrabCAD

Software: 3DS Max

The main idea of this project is creation of a modern and functional Interior design for a Street dance studio.

There are too many ideas for interior design of houses and buildings. But after a detailed research all of them, I estimated that need to create a design for a place that would be very useful for many people, especially dancers. Therefore, I decided to create a street dance studio which would be very useful in the rainy and cold countries. My studio imitates a night street in a big city with UV and neon lights, graffiti, a bus stop and a street sign on the sidewalk. Of course, these elements are not only a decoration, because they are functional and connected with my idea for street dance studio.

1. The stands are like a staff with 5 holders for dancers with different heights. The keys are UV lamps and a suitable symbols of music.

2. The graffiti are displayed on a long video wall and if it is necessary it can be switched off.

3. There are two walls with mirrors in different colors.

4. The dressing room looks like a bus stop and in front of it are located three comfortable sofas for break.

All these street elements contribute to the inspiration of the street dancers. Because the street is their place for dancing and entertainment. The combination between a street, a night club and a scene makes this interior design very nice and suitable not only for training, but also for events and dance competitions.