Stirling Bee Smoker

by GrabCAD
What makes this design different is that it is non-electronic, but still propels the smoke outward on its own. This design utilizes the Alpha Stirling Engine, running the blower mechanism purely on the heat from the fuel. The blower itself is a non-positive displacement fan, which passively would pump the smoke out of the hose. At the same time, the fan would then draw more air up from underneath the fuel, keeping it alight.

This design is completely hands free, as it would constantly blow smoke after the fuel is first lit, and the wheel on the outside is turned. The flow rate of the smoke is controlled by a card that can be slid up and down partially covering the channel from the fan to the hose. The hose could easily be placed or taped down wherever it is needed and simply left there.

The fuel can be placed and lit through an easy-access door. The grate at the bottom allows for constant airflow. The fuel can be put out by closing the grate, and completely covering the smoke exit with the card.

Problems Solved:
This design is hands free and continually pumps smoke with no human effort.
The fuel is automatically kept alight from a constant stream of air.
The blowing mechanism runs off of the fuel's own heat.