Stabilizer Leg Suspension v2

by GrabCAD
Stabilizer Leg Suspension v2

I was working on my other two entries and I have decided to work on another one. I have discovered that the existing spring is incorrect and should be changed or replaced with two same springs.

In this solution Im using 2x existing dumper assemblys with spring.
I think that existing damper spring is able to work only with force under 2000N (read PDF file for details).
My calculations shows that the force in damper spring is over 3300N. So, we need to replace exisitng spring with other one with higher force abilities or use 2 same springs.

Two existing springs can solve whole problem when they are mounted as I have designed.
The existing spring has only 33,5mm (1.3inch) of jamp/movement - not 2inch as was said before. So for the 33mm movement I designed this setup which allows for moving wheel-arm in 0-19 degrees as the original hand truck is.

In the working position the wheel-arms works in range of 0-19degrees (spring jams almost 33mm / 1.3inch).
There is 2nd position for arm wheel - you need just to pop up the pivot from locking handle, move locking handle and pop in the pivot.

Regarding changes from the source file. I think that I have simplifed the wheel-arm construction. I have removed few parts and add another few ones. I think that the new ones are much more cheaper in production.

What you can find here?
- pdf file with introduction to my solution / damper analisi, why 2 springs? etc
- handmade calculations
- Soldis software calculations - you can download project file (software Soldis:
- CAD model


I did this solution today and I think that the whole thing can redeisgined for better look and optimised for lower production cost.