Ssou Qku Taq Fighter

by 3DWarehouse
The first dedicated Ssou Qku Taq fighter with the reporting name “Fatboy” Assigned as the standard fighter on the Mother of Chaos class carrier this fighter looks rotund and slows but it is not. Possessing remarkable speed and very heavy armour, squadrons of these ships have given our Starsabers and Longbows a real run for their money. The only positive from our point of view is that for their size class they are woefully underarmed. The 2 heavy plasma cannon on either side of the ship are expected on a heavy fighter but are backed up by 2 feeble medium lasers with a third in a fixed mounting covering the rear. The plasma cannons also have an inherent disadvantage in that they are short range weapons and thus the Fatboy must expose itself to more return fire during an attack. In comparison an Earth ship of this class would have 2 heavy plasmas, 4 heavy to medium lasers, slug throwers and at least 4 missiles. This ship isn’t believed to have a missile caperability.. Finally got some time to do this one as a request from Renegade, only took about an hour, and remember as Renegade says, Curves = Alien!