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Spiced Rum Bottle

Spiced Rum Bottle

by TurboSquid
Last crawled date: 7 months ago
A very highly realistic and detailed 3ds max 2009 model of a Captain Morgan Spiced Rum bottle, Cuba-Libre Cocktail Drink in Glass with Ice cubes and lemon slices, optimized and rendered using mental ray.

Cuba-Libre Cocktail comes in 4 glasses: One full, one half-full, one almost empty and one completely empty glass... all to add variation and extra reality to your scenes.

Model is extremely detailed with High res textures, suitable for photo realistic bar backs and closeups alike. Model is high poly, and intended only for photo real MR scenes, though it renders very quickly (less than a few seconds) and can be used in busy scenes.

Thumbnails show model rendered straight from max 2009 MR.

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