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Sphere Dimension

Sphere Dimension

by Blend Swap
Not really sure what you might use this scene for, but I thought I upload it anyway :) Hope you like it, and have a #b3d day!P.S- "The Great Outdoor's" short film is in the rendering stage, and will probably be out in the next month or so... I am shooting for October 1, so hopefully that will happen!!And I am also creating an E-Book! The book will be on the subject of nature, since I am doing a nature film right now, I thought why not share some things with the community... the book will be released in the new year timeframe!You can also subscribe at http://nbrunner.wix.com/prebeoanimation to recieve mailing updates from me! Just go to the contact section and subscribe!Latest Change on 2013/09/18, 23:10:59Fixed spelling error :)