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Snowrider Concept Bike

Snowrider Concept Bike

by GrabCAD
So I got an idea of making a model made entirely of parts from Grabcad.

A few days later I am sitting here with this wicked caterpillar band bicykle I came up with. It is meant for driving on snow.

The only parts I did was the engine covers and chain covers. I have also done minor changes on some of the parts.

Hope you enjoy it and thanks for all your great models! Renderings are more than welcome.

Also, everything in this model does not fit into each other, this is just a concept model.

To find the Solid Works assembly in the zip-folder, look for "SNOWRIDERCONCEPT_ASM". EDIT: I had to divide everything into the 4 zip-files due to big size, so you need to download all four packages. Be sure to gather all files into the same folder. Please tell me if it not works!

With kind regards

Josef Snabb


Original designers are:

-Frame - By Fabrizio Franceschetti
frame rsv

-Complete front fork with all gear - By mad max
RSV 1000 FACTORY Fork with wheel,disks, handlebars front fender

-Engine - By Cameron Reid
Ducati 900cc air-cooled "L"-twin engine

-Exhaust can - By mari
Termignioni exhaust can

-Swingarm - By Fabrizio Franceschetti
Swingarm RSV

-Race tail with seat - By mad max
250 RGV fiberglass race tail

-Caterpillar band and wheels - By Scott Bruins

-Brake disc with chain - By mari
bimota DB7 rear train

-Gasolin tank - By mad max
tank 1100 gsxr réservoir

-Headlight - By Calle Svensson
Motorcycle custom Headlight

-Bracke disc front - By Robert Stein
185mm disc brake

-Foot peg - By Donovan Shaw
Motorcycle Footpeg

-Shock absorber - By mad max
OHLINS Shock gsxr

-Radiator - By Rohit Mitra
Motorcycle Radiator

If I have forgot someone, please let me know.