Smart Leaf with SmartHUB idea 3d model
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Smart Leaf with SmartHUB idea

Smart Leaf with SmartHUB idea

by GrabCAD
Last crawled date: 7 months, 4 weeks ago
android tablet with flexible screen to get a 9,4" tablet fitting in you pocket (take as much space as a reflex camera with cover when folded on the base)
and a HUB that add storage with a 2.5" drive and USB/SD plugs for a smartphone/tablet

if you want to experien how the handling of this tablet would be, get a box which is around 3x8x15cm (a compact camera in a cover should do it) a 26x14cm piece of paper and a 80cm string
attach the string to one end of the box, and at right of one of the long sides on the paper
then fold the paper around the box and attach it like that, put it in your pocket, and try to take the paper out and take it in the front of you with 2 hands, like you would do with a tablet, and then put it back in your pocket, around the box