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Skethcyphysics project

Skethcyphysics project

by 3DWarehouse
this is something i am working on with sketchyphysics. this is mainly for the purpose of testing your driving skills with a truak and trailer. sorry about the front wheels tho they get stuck alot(gaps and small holes). the land scape is completely by including the bridge. the boat is by catch22 ND THE TRUCK IS BY ROGUE. the trailer is by sls st and so is the wheels. I edited his trailer tho cus it was 2 long and to wide. This land scape is good for testing out other vehicles with sketchyphysics. Idk how to make the boat thing work but im thinking about making some kind of a simulator for that. It will come in a second model. My graphics is a PNY 250 GTS 1024MB/3ghz daul core cpu/and 3GB of ram. im using a full version of sketchup 6 with sketchyphysics 3 rc 1. i seen they had more releases of it but for wat i kno this is the latest and i didn't want to get one that had glitches.Im more familiar with sketchyphysics 2 and i need some kind of guide 4 this 1 so if anybody knows where then let me know the link or how to get to it. Plz rate. Thanks (QUICK EDIT: Its set up for a joypad in the emulation the only thing was an experimental handbrake that used a slider.)