Siger Noise

by HotPies
Advanced 3D Texmap noise plugins for 3ds Max.Product Description3D Noise Texmap plugin includes an implementation of well-known noise patterns such as Perlin, Simplex and Worley (Voronoi).The plugin contains two texture maps:ProSimplexandProVoronoi. Both support a large number of fractal options such as fBm, Turbulence, Ridged Multifractal, etc..With distortion and mapping of all parameters from Size to Fractal Octaves you can get an infinite number of different patterns.Reference GuideCredits–Jerry Ylilammi(BerconNoise)– Ken Perlin (Perlin/Simplex noise)– Stefan Gustavson (C++ implementation of Perlin and Simplex noises)– Steven Worley (Worley noise and C implementation of it)– Blender team (Blender noise/cellnoise/fractals)– John Burnett (Distortions max shadecontext implementation)