Shiloh Tac Shooters 4-24-2014

by 3DWarehouse
Shiloh Tac Shooters Thursday Match scenarios. Designer, fishel

Scenario #1
STANDARDS - Concealment: Required, Scoring: Limited Vickers
Window is closed. First mag, download to 6. All other mags, Division Capacity. Start at P1 facing uprange.
At buzzer, shooter moves to barricade.
Shooter’s choice on which position to start but all three positions will be used. All targets are engaged in tactical priority for that position.
Each target gets 1 shot from each of the three positions.
18 scored rounds.

Scenario #2
Concealment: Required Scoring: Vickers
Start At P1, seated, gun in box, loaded to division capacity, lid closed. Spare mag on belt. Swinger ropes one in each hand. Popper covers clay when up.
On buzzer, start swingers, Engage all targets while seated, Tactical priority. 2 rounds each.
Proceed to P2, drop popper and then break clay. Popper must fall and clay must break.
10 scored rounds. Popper falls. Clay must break.

Scenario #3
STANDARDS - Concealment: Required, Scoring: Limited Vickers
Division Capacity. Start at either P1, arm’s length from wall. Window closed.
On start, open window and then draw pistol. Engage all targets in tactical priority with two rounds each.
Perform a mandatory loaded chamber reload and proceed STRAIGHT to P2 and WHILE MOVING, engage all targets w/2 rounds each, any order. All targets must be engaged by the time shooter reaches P2. Shooter cannot change direction to make up shots. Shooter cannot shoot from 2nd P1.
16 scored rounds

Scenario #4
Modified El-Prez - STANDARDS
Double swingers on center position. Front swinger is No Shoot. First mag, download to 6. All others, division capacity.
Face up range, each hand is holding a swinger rope. Hands at sides.
At buzzer, start both swingers, THEN turn and engage targets with two shots each any order. Reload and re-engage 2 shots each.