Set for creating slate surfaces with images of chalk 2

by 3dsky
The second universal set-designer for creating slate, chalk, marker boards, walls and other surfaces.The subjects of the set are a cafe, a bar, a restaurant, a kitchen, etc.Headliner set - 10 large slate tablets with unique, non-repeating textures.A .psd file with tablets textures is added to the archive, the canvas size is 9000x2700. For ease of use, the breakdown into layers is preserved: a monophonic background, chalky divorces, drawings and chalk inscriptions.Using the .psd file, the set can be used as a universal designer for creating any unique textures on the theme of slate paints.
1) You create a file in the FS with a sheet of the desired size and configuration.
2) Dye the background in the required color.
3) Copy from the .psd file a layer with chalky divorces.
4) Choose and copy from the set your favorite drawings / inscriptions with chalk.The bonus in the set includes decor elements, dishes, floor and table pillars.The archive file is .max 2011; Texture (.JPEG + .PSD); Fbx; Preview.The first set can be downloaded from the link:Https://3ddd.ru/3dmodels/show/nabor_dlia_sozdaniia_ghrifiel_nykh_povierkhnostiei_s_izobrazhieniiami_mielom_3